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Suretrader Update

So just got of the phone with Guy Gentile CEO and Founder of Suretrader for our weekly update and to touch base. He is currently adding customer service staff as they are currently overwhelmed with applications. Seem like people these days do not want to be held back by the 25k pattern daytrading rule. More about this on a past post http://www.daytradingradio.com/pages/preferredbroker.

They now have over 10k symbols available for shorting including the cheap crap, Also they now offer 1% cash back on account $5,000 or more limited to $500.00. Kind of reminds me of Chase Credit Cards. LOL. Anyway for those who do not have $25,000 dollars this is still the best and only option out there. Not to mention to mention the 6-1 margin rates intraday which allows a small account to take advantage of some better quality scalps. I currently use the Suretrader account and trade with the 6-1 margin each day with my scalps. One thing is important and that is to remember this is intraday margin. And should be used to intra daytrade only.

Suretrader will go the extra mile for daytradingradio members meaning bonus promotional add on so be sure to mention daytradingradio.co or just follow this link https://www.suretrader.com/?a=6e7cfdb0-a5ec-486b-be92-b3c012c51afe



Colin Macleod

Colin Macleod is a Professional Equities, Options, Futures, Momentum Day Trader & Entrepreneur.

Colin Macleod – who has written posts on Stock Market Basics.