Market Update and New HPS watch list for week of July 8th

Happy Fourth of July!! Hope everyone has a great day off and a fun and safe weekend. I never want to fall out of touch with the markets so I spent some times going over some charts and doing some research for next week. I am found some real gems for Friday and into next week before I get back from vacation. I am pretty excited about these additions to the watch list as they are prime examples of what the HPS stands for. Quality names and the convergence of multiple indicators. I do not have the right encoding software out here so I will post the video right on the main page here instead of the in the HPS section. As for best best lets break it down from top to bottom. CLX, KRFT, MA, CF, they others on the video are great too, but don’t want  to have too many best bets ;-) I am hoping to be able to get in a couple early Friday before I head out for a weekend trip  Again hope everyone has a great weekend and see you next week.