This Week’s HPS Video and Watch list have been uploaded

Markets ended strong for the week and even after the Nasdaq “Glitch” yesterday we started to see a stronger tape even as market commentators were screaming fire in theater. After all said in done Egypt kinda sank into the background and the markets continue to cycle with the 60 min stochastic time frame. On top of that we didn’t have the typical selling we been seeing at the end of the day for the majority of the week. All in all I think we are looking more bullish going into next week, We left off with the 60 min time frame in a overbought condition with great strength at the close. We shall see how we start off next week and get a better read very early in the week. On the equity (stock) side of things. We have some great opportunities this week. Not as many as last week as the setups are triggering now in MO, PM, VZ, T, but there are new ones that are AS GOOD as those. The best bet for next week could be any number of stocks I will look for $TSCO to break to new highs this week but give it a few days. the others are all outlined in the video and on the HPS site. I will be in the market bright and early Monday and will have a better idea on what if any trades I want to take early Monday but I expect to start some new position in the new additions to the watch list.

Next week’s Guest Trader is Andy From Finland he will be skyping in and sharing his trades on DTR live. Tt should be a fun week and profitable one.

Also next week we will have some surprises for you.

I want to thank all the traders and members of the site. The team work and attitude in the rooms has been great I truly enjoy trading with everyone.

This weeks Video can be found here


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