This Week’s HPS Video and Watch list have been uploaded

First  have a great 3 day weekend. Now let’s just say that over the weekend nothing happens in regards to Syria. This could mean a lot of different things. Main thing is the possibility of some new info from the UN inspectors. But again for argument sake lets say nothing happens at all. Tuesday markets get a little relief to the upside. But we are still being held hostage by the news and I for one, can only guess on how this could turn out. 

September has a shadow hanging over it, Historically it is one of if not the worst performing month since the 1960’s. And now we have the tapering debate that should play out this month and debt issues that will be brought back into the media’s eye so they can pound this story down our throats and of course Syria. Believe it or not even with all these events I am expecting once last move up. To new highs? or just the last bounce before a rollover. I think we will see that in the indicators when that time comes.  Next week is short and full of all sorts of news events (Syria, Jobs Report ect) I will be focused on the nice list of stocks on the watch list this week and unless we get embedded on the 60 min time frame I will still watch those stochastics for a general bias. As a added Bonus this week’s Kick Ass Trade will be LTD. 

On a side note our Suretrader partners contacted me today this is after we have been talking to then with feedback from the members. One of the biggest remarks about Suretrader was their fees to wire money. and I could never lock them down with a definite and competitive deal for members of the site. So i think we made some progress and I give most of the credit to Dac who regularly speaks with Fred over there. Anyway We got a promotion for September 

DTR Listeners get

20 free trades on $2000 or more funded accounts

and No Fee funding up to $4000.00 

Remember Suretrader gives 6-1 margin intra-day. and you are not subject to the pattern daytrading rule requiring 25k to get in and out freely in the market whenever you want. This by far is the biggest benefit.

More info can be found here as I went through my process of opening an account with them and explaining more about them

Have Great Weekend




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