July 25 2014 Breakaway Gap Downs

AMZNAmazon.com, Inc.NASDCyclicalsBroadline Retailers2.6lrg324.0117843706
BSYBYBritish Sky BroadcastingOTCMKTCyclicalsEntertainment60.9108163
FICOFair Isaac & Co., Inc.NYSETechnologySoftware54.8sml58.51372109
MGLNMagellan Health Services, Inc.NASDHealth CareHealth Care Providers37.4sml58.261187254
TPXTempur-Pedic Intl Inc.NYSECyclicalsFurnishings51.5mid55.753502744
MOHMolina Healthcare, Inc.NYSEHealth CareHealth Care Providers82.5sml43.591341338
SLABSilicon Laboratories, Inc.NASDTechnologySemiconductors4mid40.042114235
BBarnes Group, Inc.NYSEIndustrialIndustrial Suppliers30.5sml35.54599072
AIMCAltra Holdings Inc.NASDIndustrialIndustrial Machinery56.9sml34.1750045
NTGRNetGear, Inc.NASDTechnologyTelecom Equipment29.6sml31.591216203
MXIMMaxim Integrated Products, Inc.NASDTechnologySemiconductors11.6mid29.3813450686
QLGCQLogic Corp.NASDTechnologyTelecom Equipment17.8sml9.52847106
CYNKCynk Technology Corp.OTCMKT2.1468491
FLKIFalken Industries Ltd.OTCMKTConsumer StaplesNondurable Home Products0.01438500
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