August 8 2014 Stock Upgrades

No.TickerCompanySectorIndustryCountryMarket CapP/EPriceChangeVolume
1NVDANVIDIA CorporationTechnologySemiconductor - SpecializedUSA10601.2422.09198.82%22342004
2TSNTyson Foods, Inc.Consumer GoodsMeat ProductsUSA13846.913.4136.871.32%4852067
3SONSSonus Networks, Inc.TechnologyCommunication EquipmentUSA905.763.672.23%2226711
4DKDelek US Holdings, Inc.Basic MaterialsOil & Gas Refining & MarketingUSA1980.4126.5132.614.69%2102547
5WGLWGL Holdings Inc.UtilitiesGas UtilitiesUSA2132.05117.3741.087.06%623122
6PRIMPrimoris Services CorporationIndustrial GoodsHeavy ConstructionUSA1433.820.2627.763.20%576933
7TRNXTornier N.V.HealthcareMedical Instruments & SuppliesNetherlands1055.2121.7311.49%541015
8PSIXPower Solutions International, Inc.Industrial GoodsDiversified MachineryUSA688.4464.168.23%239284
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