Symbol Name Sector Industry Close Chg % Change Volume 
AEMAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd. (AEM)MaterialsGold Mining27.27-1.11-3.93%4647441
ATLSAtlas Energy, L.P. (ATLS)EnergyPipelines39.64-3.37-7.84%2540352
APLAtlas Pipeline Partners, L.P. (APL)EnergyPipelines30.93-1.26-3.91%1432330
ARPAtlas Resource Partners, LPC (ARP)EnergyExploration & Production20.18-1.07-5.04%2088291
ABXBarrick Gold Corp. (ABX)MaterialsGold Mining17.29-0.69-3.84%22013131
CPHDCepheid (CPHD)Health CareMedical Equipment45.84-2.09-4.36%1472526
FITBFifth Third Bancorp (FITB)FinancialBanks20.69-0.26-1.24%9283232
GDOTGreen Dot Corporation (GDOT)FinancialConsumer Finance17.69-1.68-8.67%1126462
HMSYHealth Management Systems, Inc. (HMSY)Health CareHealth Care Providers15.99-0.61-3.67%1289741
LIILennox Intl Inc. (LII)IndustrialBuilding Materials86.66-2.63-2.95%1341030
LULUlululemon athletica (LULU)CyclicalsClothing & Accessories49.08-2.63-5.09%6855535
MGIMoneyGram Intl, Inc. (MGI)FinancialConsumer Finance12.8-2.01-13.57%4668245
RCIIRent-A-Center, Inc. (RCII)CyclicalsSpecial Consumer Services25.77-0.36-1.38%1135689
RGLDRoyal Gold, Inc. (RGLD)MaterialsGold Mining63.94-0.76-1.17%740034
PSLVSprott Physical Silver Trust ETF (PSLV)7.64-0.12-1.55%492425
TRPTranscanada Pipelines Ltd. (TRP)EnergyPipelines44.85-1.72-3.69%1438364

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