Symbol Name Sector Industry Close Chg % Change Volume 
ACWAccuride Corp. (ACW)IndustrialCommercial Vehicles4.970.193.97%1171108
AZNAstrazeneca PLC (AZN)Health CarePharmaceuticals77.018.3512.16%26583664
ATHXAthersys, Inc. (ATHX)Health CarePharmaceuticals1.33-1.4-51.28%12770450
CHTRCharter Communications Inc. (CHTR)CyclicalsEntertainment140.0510.047.72%6896569
CSTCST Brands, Inc. (CST)StaplesFood Retailers32.992.718.95%3407607
ETPEnergy Transfer Partners LP (ETP)EnergyPipelines55.23-0.57-1.02%3767707
FDNFirst Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund (FDN)53.55-1.05-1.92%3443267
FEMFirst Trust Emerging Markets AlphaDEX Fund (FEM)23.780.120.51%4279080
FRIFirst Trust S&P REIT Index Fund (FRI)19.760.170.85%3076933
FURXFuriex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (FURX)Health CarePharmaceuticals103.0522.928.57%4698424
BSCHGuggenheim BulletShares 2017 Corporate Bond ETF (BSCH)22.860.010.04%756037
MBBiShares Barclays MBS Fixed-Rate Bond Fund (MBB)106.68-0.09-0.08%2355438
LCAVLCA-Vision, Inc. (LCAV)Health CareHealth Care Providers5.350.010.19%1266756
MPETMagellan Petroleum Corp. (MPET)EnergyExploration & Production2.230.2210.95%2857091
NRFNorthStar Realty Finance Corp. (NRF)FinancialMortgage REITs17.21.177.30%40361908
OGXIOncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OGXI)Health CarePharmaceuticals3.85-5.85-60.31%3697579
PRXLPAREXEL Intl Corp. (PRXL)Health CareHealth Care Providers45.01-3.35-6.94%2493560
PTPortugal Telecom (PT)UtilitiesFixed Telecommunications4.230.194.70%4193163
POZNPozen, Inc. (POZN)Health CarePharmaceuticals8.18-0.95-10.41%2449921
SQNSSequans Communications S. A. (SQNS)TechnologySemiconductors1.59-0.29-15.43%1422753
SISiemens AG (SI)IndustrialDiversified Industrials129.35-3.4-2.56%1931180
SUSSSusser Holdings Corp. (SUSS)CyclicalsSpecialty Retailers77.7220.6936.28%4112988
SUSPSusser Petroleum Partners LP (SUSP)EnergyExploration & Production44.978.121.97%1137468
TI/ATelecom Italia SPA (TI/A)UtilitiesFixed Telecommunications9.320.192.10%1281346
VDSIVASCO Data Security Intl, Inc. (VDSI)TechnologySoftware10.9-0.27-2.42%1192138

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