Companies Earnings Releases After Market Close May 21 2014

Market Cap
1HPQHewlett-Packard CompanyTechnologyDiversified Computer SystemsUSA62159.9312.0132.80-0.94%8747374
2NTAPNetApp, Inc.TechnologyData Storage DevicesUSA11246.6219.6233.95-0.99%4334630
3LBL Brands, Inc.ServicesApparel StoresUSA16151.0618.1455.50-4.24%2452184
4SINASina Corp.TechnologyInternet Software & ServicesChina3119.4573.8347.25-1.34%2103835
5EGHT8x8 Inc.TechnologyCommunication EquipmentUSA692.49112.577.88-1.13%1286635
6GAGiant Interactive Group, Inc.TechnologyMultimedia & Graphics SoftwareChina2829.9315.8911.76-0.08%1197964
7WSMWilliams-Sonoma Inc.ServicesHome Furnishing StoresUSA5967.8422.3263.40-1.55%1022435
8SNPSSynopsys Inc.TechnologySemiconductor Equipment & MaterialsUSA5885.8624.4938.200.21%803876
9RENNRenren Inc.ServicesGaming ActivitiesChina1242.503.28-0.30%710341
10SMTCSemtech Corp.TechnologySemiconductor - Integrated CircuitsUSA1512.0122.43-1.92%662817
11WSTLWestell Technologies Inc.TechnologyCommunication EquipmentUSA171.612.89-4.93%634623
12BRSBristow Group, Inc.ServicesAir Services, OtherUSA2684.3413.8174.01-1.10%266849
13VVTVValueVision Media Inc.ServicesCatalog & Mail Order HousesUSA250.205.02-4.20%252591
14SPTNSpartan Stores Inc.ServicesFood WholesaleUSA813.6239.1521.53-0.74%207014
15RXNRexnord CorporationIndustrial GoodsDiversified MachineryUSA2779.76224.3326.92-1.43%200293
16ANWAegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc.Basic MaterialsMajor Integrated Oil & GasGreece452.8618.619.49-0.63%113415
17CISGCninsure Inc.FinancialInsurance BrokersChina316.9921.906.350.95%41651

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