Symbol Name Sector Industry Close Chg % Change Volume 
FUBC1st United Bancorp Inc. (FUBC)FinancialBanks8.280.192.35%963338
BLTBlout Intl, Inc. (BLT)CyclicalsDurable Household Products11.850.363.13%1214355
CLBCore Laboratories N V (CLB)EnergyOil Equipment & Services167.02-22.08-11.68%5199468
GUREGulf Resources, Inc. (GURE)MaterialsSpecialty Chemicals2.160.3821.35%2836703
HSHHillshire Brands Co. (HSH)StaplesFood Products35.76-1.19-3.22%22250081
INSYInsys Therapeutics, Inc. (INSY)Health CareBiotechnology27.63-5.05-15.45%3577436
ISBCInvestor Bancorp Inc. (ISBC)FinancialBanks10.60.141.34%27122689
EPPiShares MSCI Pacific Ex-Japan (EPP)49.70.350.71%2908666
LIOXLionbridge Technologies, Inc. (LIOX)IndustrialBusiness Support Services6.050.244.13%1672889
PFPinnacle Foods Inc. (PF)StaplesFood Products34.474.0213.20%24085189
POWRPowerSecure Intl, Inc. (POWR)IndustrialBusiness Support Services6.59-0.24-3.51%2633038
PBWPowershares Wilderhill Clean Energy Portfolio (PBW)
ICFRealty Major iShares (ICF)87.490.280.32%1324373
LWCSPDR Barclays Capital Long Term Corporate Bond (LWC)39.93-0.2-0.50%776834
TSROTesaro, Inc. (TSRO)Health CarePharmaceuticals29.055.0420.99%1776774
VPLVanguard Pacific VIPERs (VPL)59.460.250.42%2006617

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